The Secret Desire of the Soul

Kwe, skenenkowa, welcome,

Ondinnok is a Huron word meaning: ‘a theatrical healing ritual that reveals the secret desire of the soul’. Our theatre aspires to recapture the imagination, the land of dreams, to repatriate memory and liberate the future. That’s what it means to do – Ondinnok! Born out of the urgency of a veritable cultural reconstruction, Ondinnok presents an ethic anchored in the values bequeathed by the ancestors an artistic resistance of the very highest level.

The community and the family built around the company is vibrant and diverse. We invite you to come and meet them. At the heart of this website is our desire to transmit our heritage and leave a trail for future generations of Aboriginal artists. The path we have opened must not end. The adventure goes on. What must we say? Ondinnok!

In 2020, Ondinnok is celebrating its 35th anniversary.

35 years of artistic resistance and indigenous creation.

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