Kmùkamch, The Asiaindian



At the Montreal Botanical Garden on the symbolic space of the Chinese Garden and the First Nations Garden, Ondinnok superimposed an imaginary space that seeks to break down the ghettoized limits in which Aboriginals are locked. To escape the predetermined, folkloric role, they have chosen to not be Amerindians but be Asiaindians.


Kmùkamch is an old man incapable of resigning himself to leaving behind youth and its pleasures. He treats himself to a youth cure by making love to his daughter, Hakalasi, who herself is in incestuous love with her brother, Lynx. Kmùkamch is jealous of his son. He desires his son’s wife – her beauty and youth. By one of his sorcery subterfuges he confines his son in the nest of an eagle and steals everything that his son had in life. How long can the old man manage to come out the winner? Tsorédjowa, the Eagle/Caribou as well as a storyteller  look after these unhappy souls and link the dead to the living tempted to follow in their steps.

Performance Dates

2002  April 24 to May 5 – Montreal, Montreal Botanical Garden

The Team

Playwright/Director: Yves Sioui Durand

Actors: Charles Bender, Aimee Lee, Mireille Naggar, Brigitte Poupart, Karine Ricard & Yves Sioui Durand

Production Directors: Catherine Joncas & Andrée Saint-Laurent

Technical Director: Étienne Boucher

Stage Manager: Annick Asselin

Musician: Maryse Poulin

Media Contact: Karine Cousineau


Producer: Ondinnok