The Great Adventure of He Who Bears the Grief of the World


Description and Synopsis

He Who Bears the Grief of the World becomes a nomad.

He Who Bears the Grief of the World premiered in 1985 and was thereafter remounted with many different production teams drawn from artists from various nations: Innus, Ojibway, Mohawk and even the Queshua Indians from Bolivia.

In 1987 it was performed on the Maliotenam reserve as part of the Nikamu Innu Festival. In the same year, it was presented in Kebec at the Summer Festival. The drums of He Who Bears the Grief of the World were also heard on the other side of the Atlantic during the European tour to England and France. In 1992, Leméac published the work and as well the production travelled south for a first Transamerica meeting of indigenous community theatres in Oaxaca, Mexico. That same year to mark Montreal’s 350thanniversary He Who Bears the Grief of the World was presented on the same vacant lot where it was born.

Performance Dates

1987       July – Quebec City, Festival d’été de Québec

               August – Maniotenam, Festival Innu Nikamu

1988     July – St. John’s Newfoundland International Sound Symposium

1989     June – Glastonbury, England Glastonbury Festival

June 25 and 26 – Montpellier, France Montpellier danse

June 30 and July 1 – Nantes, France, Festival international d’été de Nantes

1992     Fall – Oaxaca, Mexico, First Interamerican Meeting of Community Theatre

September 10 to 14 – Montreal, 350th Anniversary of Montreal

1993     September 29 – Florence, Italy, Intercity Festival


The Team (for all performances)

Playwright/Director: Yves Sioui Durand

Actors: Jocelyne Bérubé, Joachim Copeau, Carlos Ditmeyer, Flint Eagle, Catherine Joncas, Réjean Gauvin, Efraim Guttierez, Jean-Pierre Matte, Véronique Régis & Yves Sioui Durand

Traditional Drums: Whirlwind Singers (Paul Nadjiwan, Jim Oshkineejish & Gordie Simon) and Wabano Nika (Denis Kistabish, Harry Wilde & Roger Wilde)

Lighting Designer: Guy Simard

Technical/Production Director: Sylvain Malo

Composer: Michel Smith

Set & Costume Designers: Marc-André Coulombe, Yvan Gaudin & Richard Lacroix

Assistant Director: Martin Meunier

Stage Managers: Marc Patry & Normand Blais

Communications Director: Lucienne Losier

Media Contact: Claudine Raymond


Producers: Ondinnok