Queen XOC’s Desire



A group of Mayan-Tzotzil men and women gather in the Chiapas mountains around the ruins of an ancient temple. They officiate at a ceremony that is a hybrid from the crossing of the faiths of Mayans and Catholics, the imposed religion. They fabricate a person out of wood that will become their avenger. Two women transform themselves and confront each other in the forms of a jaguar and a deer. For their part the men become sea pirates and corrupt lords until they then transform themselves into dictators, popular Mexican wrestlers and finally into Judas and Jesus Christ. This theatrical event escapes description but is punctuated with revolution, massacres, betrayals and ritual sacrifices. For this production, Ondinnok draws its inspiration from the Zinacantan carnaval in Chiapas and from extracts of sacred books from Chumayel, the Books of Chilam Balam containing the prophesies that have inspired the Mayan cultural resistance ever since the Spanish conquest. This production was compared to a vaudeville on mass consumption and was described as high-risk experimental theatre.

Queen XOC’s Desire is the second part of the Inuit/Maya project.

Performance Dates

1994    November 9 to 19 – Montreal, Strathern Intercultural Centre

The Team

Director: Yves Sioui Durand

Playwright/Production Director: Catherine Joncas

Cast: Micheline Dahlander, Gérald Gagnon, Christine Foley, Catherine Joncas, Yves Sioui Durand & the voice of Monique Joly

Set & Costume Designer: Jean Bard

Assistant Set & Costume Designer: Michèle Gagnon

Lighting Designer: Guy Simard

Composer/Musician: Michel Smith

Stage Manager: Anne Plamondon

Technical Director: Sylvain Malo

Producer: Ondinnok