The second year of the Theatre of Healing was one of setting new targets, of self-discipline, and of elevating the level of consciousness of the participants. Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the story set forth a portrait that offers a straightforward depiction of the Atikamekw community of Manawan. Here it is not a matter of confrontation between Whites and Indians, it is solely a confrontation with oneself. Two families from the community are in conflict, having squabbled continually for a very long time. In spite of everything, Romeo the son of Kokoie and Juliet the daughter of Kinuje are passionately in love. The family of Kinuje (fish man, large pike) is more traditionalist, more ‘Indian’ even though Kinuje is an alcoholic, a liar and unfaithful. He is said to be a great hunter but he has become lazy and never hunts. However there was a time when Kinuji was respected for his great knowledge of the forest and for his shamanistic powers. The Kokoje family (Windigo from Atikamekws) has completely converted to white values. Kokoje is ambitious, materialistic, corrupt; he thinks only of money and ‘development’. His inordinate appetite for everything is well rooted in the collective consciousness. Thus is set in motion a tragicomedy where the characters, competing with each other, all have an exaggerated mythological dimension.

Performance dates

1996 May 29 to 31 – Manawan, Manawan Community Centre

November 17-18 – Montreal, Gesù Amphitheatre

1997    April 19 – Sept-Îles, Sept-Îles Concert Hall

April 26 – La Tuque, Knights of Columbus Hall

May 8 – Amos, Eskers Theatre

May 24 – Ste-Foy, Albert Rousseau Hall

The Team

Playwrights: Collective under the direction of Yves Sioui Durand

Text Editors: Catherine Joncas & Marie-Louise Niquay

Directors: Catherine Joncas & Yves Sioui Durand

Cast: Thérèse Dubé, Yvon Dubé, David Flamand, Pierre-Luc Flamand, Richard Moar, Jean-Marc Niquay, Marie-Louise Niquay, Marielle Ottawa, Tanyssa Ottawa & Thérèse Ottawa

Musician: Sakay Ottawa

Lighting: Sylvie Morissette

Costume Designer: Jean Bard

Stage Managers: Monika Ille & Marlène Lucas

Painters & Sculptors: Yvan & Alvin Ottawa

Technical Director: Luc Baron

Set Designer: Sylvain Malo

Communications Director: Lucienne Losier

Producers: Mikisiw & Ondinnok