Inuit/Mayan Project

An Inuk grandmother lives alone with her son. Left alone for long periods she is bored, tired of sewing skins for someone not her husband but rather her taciturn son who only likes to hunt. She forces him to find a wife; she tells him to go to the neighbouring encampment. There are young women there one of whom he steals when she doesn’t want to follow him. On his return with his young wife, the grandmother falls in love with the young woman and passionately desires her. One day when the young hunter comes back from the seal hunt blinded by the snow, she flees with the young woman thus abandoning her son to certain death. He will find them again. He will kill his mother then his young wife when she refuses to follow him.

Performance Dates

1993     June 5 to 10 – Montreal, Small Amphitheatre at Dawson College

1998     Toronto, Weeseekeejak Begins to Dance Festival

The Team

Playwright: Catherine Joncas

Director: Yves Sioui Durand

Assistant Director: Jean-Pierre Matte

Dansers/Choreographers: Lina Cruz & Jocelyne Montpetit

Actors: Monique Joly, Daniel Searth Boun & Sandra Wong

Set & Lighting Designer/Technical Director: Sylvain Malo

Composer/Musician: Michel Smith.


Producer: Ondinnok