The Torn Shadow, the first version of the text by Marco Collin, was presented in a public reading May 7 2013 during the Aboriginal Spring of Art event. The reading received a great deal of interest from a large, receptive audience. The first draft of YOU ‘N I, a tough text, is an uncompromising face to face with the self, an identity torn by the difficult choice between an impossible past and a future of assimilation. But humour, the very particular Amerindian humour tinted with self-deprecation, pervades the whole work. With this text and its taste for suspense, Marco Collin follows the path of words to amplify and experience the miror effect of a society where ‘the other’ wears the face of the enemy and the reflection of itself.


As the audience enters, a well-dressed man with shoes shone and pants pressed is attaching blindfolds to an old cast iron radiator hanging by a chain in the middle of the space. Steps reverberate on the iron stairway. Napeu enters the stage, hooded, in camouflage and military boots. The hour of truth has come. From the beginning we are dragged along on a false trail that turns into self-confrontation and plays on the splitting, the tearing of identity and the guilt on the part of the whites, on the part of the Indians, of the Metis. In a fantasized staging with echoes of racism, of Catholicism mixed with ancient beliefs, the unleashing of a family secret too long hidden cannot be resisted.

Performance Dates

2013    November 13 to 30 – Montreal, Jean-Brillant Studio

The Team

Playwright: Marco Collin

Director: Yves Sioui Durand

Actors: Charles Bender, Marco Collin, Catherine Joncas, Anissa Lahyane, Jean Régnier & Justin Simon

Set, Costumes & Props Designer: Julie‐Christina Picher

Lighting Designer/Stage Manager: Thomas Godefroid

Sound Designer & Operator: Nicolas Grou

Technical Director: Christian Gagnon

Production Director: Amélie Girard

Sound & Video Operator: Richard Desrochers

Rigger: Yannick Dufour

Head of Sound: Jean-François Munger

Head of Lights: Mélissa Peerron

Head of Video: Réal Dorval

Technicians/Crew: Alexandre Baril-Lagace, Caroline Daigle, Tony Grimard & Émile Palascio-Tellier

Intern Technicians from the School of Showbizness: Jonathan Bellavance Mirault, Yohan Garneau & Marc-André Poulin

Cameraman (images of the journalist): Stéfan Ivanov

Video Editors: Mauricio Salas & Yves Sioui Durand

Video Consultant: Philippe Larocque

Playwriting Consultant: Hélène Ducharme

Innu Translator: Bertha Basilish

Communications Director: Myriam Baril-Tessier

Media Contact: Olga Claing

Graphics: Folio and Garetti

Audience Development: Catherine Lambert


Producers: Ondinnok