Call for applications: Ancestral Memories in Dancing Bodies project

Monday 08 February 2021

In early May 2018, Ondinnok, in collaboration with Tangente, presented Constrained body, Dancing body, a major event offering a multi-faceted perspective on Indigenous dance in Quebec today. A few days later, the FJPP invited Catherine Joncas, co-founder of Ondinnok and the curator of Constrained body, Dancing body, to take part in a round table discussion titled La création et le corps/archives, during which she described the career paths of various Indigenous artists and stressed the importance of ancestral memories in their creative processes.

Building on the discussions and reflections that come out of these two events, the FJPP, in collaboration with Ondinnok, is embarking on a new project, open to dance artists from all backgrounds and cultures, focused on ancestral memories in dancing bodies.

For this project, we would like to bring together eight Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists who are interested in participating in paid exploratory workshops inspired by ancestral memories. Priority will be given to artists who are already exploring this theme in their work. Interested in this project? Send a short CV and cover letter to admin@fjpp.ca by March 8, 2021.