MAWESSINE: United FOR and THROUGH Indigenous Art

35 years of artistic creation and resistance

Ondinnok Productions, first French-speaking Indigenous theatre company in Canada, celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2020. To mark this important milestone and to revive the spirit of ancient alliances, Ondinnok is organizing a large gathering on May 1st and May 2nd, 2021: Mawessine: United FOR and THROUGH Indigenous Art (Mawessine means “united” in Wolastoqey, which is this event’s curator Dave Jenniss’s Nation’s language).

This event’s gala will be an opportunity to revisit Ondinnok’s heritage and to create spaces for artists and cultural workers to discuss on the future of Indigenous art. A much needed and significant meeting, indeed.

The gala, performances and discussions will be available as a free webcast starting May 21st, 2021, on Ondinnok’s vimeo page.


What inspired this project

In May 2017, Ondinnok led an assessment (in French) of the situation regarding Indigenous arts in Quebec, bringing together about fifty Indigenous artists and representatives of Indigenous arts organizations for talking circles. Following this assessment as well as a series of governmental consultations with participants of the sector, a manifesto, the Manifeste pour l’avancement des arts, des artistes et des organisations artistiques autochtones du Québec (in French), was written and submitted to more than 40 political and artistic institutions, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike. The current project echoes this assessment and aims to bring us together again to celebrate our accomplishments and discuss current issues.

Support us!

We are organizing a crowdfunding campaign from March 15th to May 2nd. What will the requested amount be used for?

We are seeking your help today to support us in:

  • Paying the artists who will perform;
  • Offering an honorarium to participants of the discussion circles;
  • Organizing this event in optimal conditions, which will be adapted to the required sanitary measures.

In addition, depending on your contribution, you could receive a bag or a T-shirt with the Ondinnok logo. Wear it proudly and help the company shine!