Nmihtaqs Sqotewamqol / The Ashes of His Bones


Upcoming shows

Nmihtaqs Sqotewamqol /The Ashes of his Bones will be presented on Fall 2021 at Théâtre la Licorne with La Manufacture (more info to come)


Three years after the death of his father, Martin Kaktanish realizes that it’s time to return to the Wolastoqiyik (Maleseet) territory of his ancestors. The Bear Man is waiting, and follows him, and the death of his father haunts him still. His arrival and the meeting with his brother do not go smoothly. Between the real world and the animal’s—made up—world, he understands that his father’s ashes are not where they should be.

Nmihtaqs Sqotewamqol /The Ashes of his Bones is a story of self-reclamation and truth that touches on themes such as kinship, revenge, land and forgiveness to consider our relationship to grief. The author also examines what is means to be Wolastoqey.

Synopsis in wolastoqey

Nihi kehsikoton tuciw mihtaqsol mehcinelit, Mahton Kaktanish ‘peci-kcicihtun weci wesuwessit Wolastoqey (Maliseet) ktahkomiq toleya ‘kansuhsom.  Muwinuwi Skitap tolaskuwasu, naka nuhsuphoqalal, naka kisi mehcinelit mihtaqsol mec ‘cilomomal.  Peciyat naka assihkuwat ‘siwehsol mate woli pomiyew.  Pihtuwi qinte-te skitkomiq naka weyossisuwey – kat qinte-te –  skitkomiq, ‘kocicihtun mihtaqsol sqotewamqol otetul tama skat cuwi otenuhk.

Nmihtaqs Sqotewamqol/Sqotewamqol Skoniseyal nit acomuwakon ‘ci naciptasik naka wolamewakon ‘cel ‘sotuwasu lakutuwakon, wesuwiyapenkuwot wen, ktahkomiq naka wolikesuwakon weci tpitahatomeq tan eleyuwinomok psahkeyuwakon.  Nutuwikhiket tena ulapotomon keq li-minuwiw wen Wolastoqiyit.


Playwright and Director | Dave Jenniss
Assistant Director | Édith Paquet
Actors | Charles Bender, Nicolas Desfossés, Nicolas Gendron, Marilyn Provost, Roger Wylde
Wolastoqiyik Translation and Counselling | Allan Tremblay
Music Director and Live Musician | Kyra Shaughnessy
Musician and Singer (Soundtrack) | Caleb Johnson
Set Designer | Julie-Christina Picher
Costume Designer and Assistant Set Designer | Rose Belhumeur
Lighting Designer | Renaud Pettigrew
Video Designer | Gaspard Philippe
Video Assistant | Terry Randy Awashish
Stage Manager | Sarah Merrette-Fournier
Technical Director | Christian J. Gagnon
Production Manager | Lucie Mineau
Graphic Design | Catherine Boivin
Communications Coordinator | Anaïs Gachet, Cécile Diaz