Ononharoi'wha or The Overthrow of the Brain



Ononharoi’wha or The Overthrow of the Brain was built out of a collage of extracts from the Jesuit accounts describing the principle episodes of the destruction of the Huron nation. As a direct follow-on from He Who Bears the Grief of the World, this production was performed in the open air with a staging using natural elements: alder and silver birch poles, corn, dead leaves, sand and fire.

Performance Dates

1986    October – Cartier-Brébeuf Park, The Indian Summer Event

1989    August – Maniotenam, Festival Innu Nikamu

1991    Montreal, Maison de la Culture de Côte-des-Neiges

The Team

Director/Designer: Yves Sioui Durand

Actors: Catherine Joncas and Yves Sioui Durand

Composer/Musician: Vincent Beaulne

Storyteller: Jocelyn Bérubé

Lighting Designer: Sylvain Malo

Assistant Director: Jean-Pierre Matte

Mask Designer: Michel Pellerin


Producer: Ondinnok