The Meeting – Kiskimew



After fifteen years of plunging body and soul into Aboriginal culture, Catherine Joncas was ready to hand on her experience. An old Cree dictionary that the playwright had received from her grandfather became the catalyst of this story. The Meeting deals with all those little encounters, sometimes successful sometimes not, between Whites and Aboriginals.


A young woman undertakes an investigation into the circumstances of her life. Her plunge into the universe of the Cree language opens an unexpected path towards her interior world and draws a whole series of characters of uncertain identity around her: a professor of the Atikamekw language, a grandmother whose knowledge is lost, an illegal immigrant, a lost young delinquent and an ordinary man above suspicion.

The dictionary, dating from 1872, then passes from hand to hand while America’s past and the ghost of Father Lacombe, the Red River missionary hover over it. A love encounter at the very limit of our sense of identity.

Performance Dates

2000 June 2 to 10 – Montreal, Espace Libre Theatre

December 13 to 16 – Ottawa, National Arts Centre

2001 October 11 to 13 – Quebec City, Multifunction Hall of Méduse

The Team

Playwright/Director: Catherine Joncas

Associate Playwrights: Robert Lalonde et Florent Vollant

Dramaturgical Consultant: Marie-Ève Gagnon

Actors: Roch Aubert, Catherine Joncas, Jean-Marc Niquay, Rosalia Petitquay, Brigitte Poupart (Québec) & Catherine Sénart (Montréal et Ottawa)

Set Designer: Catherine Granche

Costume Designer: Francine Martin

Lighting Designer: Sylvie Morisette

Composer: Maryse Poulin

Production Director: Sylvain Pelletier

Assistant Production Director: Andrée St-Laurent

Stage Managers: Annick Asselin & Colette Drouin

Technical Director: Éric Locas

Sound Designer: Jean Gaudreau

Communications Director: Lucienne Losier & Claudine Raymond


Producers: Ondinnok and National Arts Centre, French Theatre, Ottawa