In 2006, Ondinnok continues its support for the new generation. David Jenniss, in residence with Ondinnok, takes on writing his first play A River of Lies presented in a reading in 2007 and then reworked with the actors as Wulustek. This was done under the direction of Peter Batagliev, a man of the Bulgarian theatre who since 2005 had taught in the intensive Aboriginals theatre-training program given by Ondinnok.


Over five years each autumn the Miktouch family gather in front of a forestry company fence by the side of Route 230. They have peacefully claimed it as ancestral territory in their name and in the name of their Malamek nation. The Miktouch family is firstly Matthew the father and chief of the Malamek nation, his wife Helen a Quebecoise converted to Amerindian ritual practices, their son Marc in his twenties who works at the corner store on the reserve and David a young lawyer exiled to Ottawa to defend the cause. This year added to the group is Julie a Quebec journalist in search of identity who accompanies David. Jimmy, an Innu Indian, is the company guard. They sing, they dance, they brandish placards but behind the fence there have been big changes…And when the truth bursts into the light of day the characters, facing their devastated territory and their father’s betrayal, take the full measure of their naivety and impotence.

Performance Dates

2008    June 5 to 13 – Montreal, Theatre Prospero

2011    March 29 to April 16 – Montreal, Theatre Prospero

The Team

Playwright: Collective creation based on a text by Dave Jenniss

Director: Peter Batakliev

Actors: Marie-Evelyne Baribeau (2008), Charles Bender, Marco Collin, Rachel Graton (2011), Dave Jenniss, Catherine Joncas & Yves Sioui Durand

Set Designer: Jonas Veroff Bouchard

Lighting Designer: Thomas Godefroid

Sound Designer: Nicolas Grou

Costume Designer: Claire Geoffrion

Technical Director: Geoff Levine

Stage Manager: Emanuelle Langelier

Production Director: Lucie Mineau

Photographer: Martine Doyon


Producer: Ondinnok